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8 micro-volunteering activities that everyone can do in HK

Giving back to society has never been that easy!

Giving back to society

Many people we have met want to give back to the community and “get their hands dirty”. However, most of them don’t know how to achieve this goal and - since we are in Hong Kong - don’t have much time to commit themselves to time-consuming extra activities... Including us!

After doing some research, we discovered many micro-volunteering activities in HK that can be done in a few hours, without any deep commitment and that can fit into our busy schedule!

No skills are required; only a few hours of your time! Ready?

GrowingSmart.HK: Learn about permaculture!

Volunteers in GrowingSmart's permaculture farm in Peng Chau

GrowingSmart.HK is a project aimed at raising awareness on permaculture in Hong Kong. Permaculture is the study of natural growing methods, natural building, self-sustainability – small or large scale - and is at the core of GrowingSmart.HK’s farm in Peng Chau.

They need volunteers for 4 hours almost every Saturday at their farm to begin production! You never thought you could do some farming in HK? Crazy experience guaranteed! Check the events "Saturday Farming With GrowingSmart" on this Meetup Group for more info!

i-Future Teens: Education for underprivileged children

Photo Credit: i-Future Teens / Opening Ceremony

In September, i-Future Teens Weekend School launched a 2-year personal development program for Primary 5 students from low-income families. The objective is to help local students broaden their perspectives, increase their self-confidence and enhance their English proficiency.

Volunteers have to lead and support students in their activities and through English lessons. Help is needed every Sunday for 4 hours (9:30am to 1:30pm or 2:30 to 6:30pm); RSVP and info here!

Time Auction: Take part in an auction.. with your time!

Photo Credit: Time Auction / Volunteers having lunch with Ray Chan

Time Auction is an online platform where you can meet inspiring industry leaders by doing volunteer hours with partner NGOs. For example, past volunteers had the chance to play ping pong with Ray Chan, CEO of 9GAG!

They have many auctions going on, and there is a limited number of volunteer hours required for each of them. Check them out here!

Hands On: Get your hands dirty!

Photo Credit: Hands On / Moon Cake distribution to students with disabilities

Hands On is an online hub that connects NGOs and volunteers for micro-volunteering activities. Hands On partners with a large range of HK NGOs tackling education (such as i-Future teens!), culture, food assistance or ecology related-issues.

Check out their calendar here!

Food Angel: "Waste not, Hunger not!"

Photo Credit: Green Queen / Food Angel serving food to the elderly

Food Angel is a food rescue and food assistance program with the mission of "WASTE NOT, HUNGER NOT." The program rescues edible surplus food from different sectors of the food industry that would otherwise be disposed of as waste. The rescued food items will then be prepared as nutritious hot meals in their central kitchen and be redistributed to underprivileged communities in Hong Kong.

They need volunteers every day for 2h30 to prepare the food; RSVP and info here!

ImpactHK: Helping while having fun!

ImpactHK Kindness Walk in Sham Shui Po, providing food and clothing to the homeless

ImpactHK is a charity to be dedicated to making a positive difference in Hong Kong (while having a good time!). They aim to make the lives of the homeless more enjoyable with outreach activities (distribution of clothing, toiletries & food) or even game nights!

They need volunteers for 2 hours in the evening to help run their activities. The schedule is on their Facebook page!

Social Career: Become a Volunteer!

Social Career wants everyone to be able to be a volunteer! It is an online platform where NGOs can recruit volunteers for specific events. All kind of skills are needed and there are new events all the time!

On the picture, SoInSoGood volunteering for Social Career's launch event with Tesla! ;)

Social-up Youth: Social Entrepreneurship for underserved youth

Last but not least... So In So Good also needs volunteers! Our program "Social-up Youth" trains underserved youth on social entrepreneurship through workshops and activities. The objective of Social-up Youth is to give our youth more confidence, better career opportunities, and solid knowledge on social innovation and social entrepreneurship!

We teach them basic business skills and raise awareness on social issues. Our youth try to solve these issues through technological tools! Did you know, for instance, that drones could be used to prevent forest fires or give jobs to American veterans?

Our workshops are mostly conducted in teams. Every team is facilitated by one of our helpers to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Our helpers are social workers, young graduates and social innovation lovers!

You can see what kind of workshops we are organising here! Do you want to be part of our team?

You can check the Chinese website here! :)

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