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Jump Seat #2 – Introducing a French startup to Hong Kong’s Silver Economy market.

Familities is a social startup from GROUPE SOS Pulse, which is GROUPE SOS's support program for the new economy and entrepreneurship - our global network of Accelerators for Green and Social Startups now present worldwide Thanks to our Jump Seat Exchange Programme, they had the opportunity to spend a few days in Hong Kong with SoInSoGood!

Who is Familities?

Launched in 2016, Familities is a social startup that aims to tackle elderly isolation. Thanks to a mobile app and a web platform, Familities helps its users to keep in touch with their senior relatives.

Their smart calendar enables relatives to share information on the senior’s general state of health and happiness. Familities’ users can plan calls and meetings with the elderly to make sure they keep in constant contact. Other people can be added to the group, such as nurses or neighbours, in order to get more information about the elderly and make sure that everything is fine, at all times!

Why Hong Kong?

Hong Kong’s elderly population is rapidly growing. According to the Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department, the share of residents over 65 years old will increase tremendously from 1.12 million in 2015 to 2.28 million in 2034 and 2.58 million in 2064.

With a “silver economy” market worth around HK$50 billion a year, Hong Kong holds a spot in the top 3 countries of the Ageing Asia Silver Economy Index. New niches are emerging within this market. As for now, wealthy elderly in Hong Kong are staying in private residential care homes, whereas low income elderly are supported by government-funded care centers. However, a large portion of middle-class elderly are left without affordable and high-quality care. Therefore, there is a growing trend for ageing at home. Indeed, tech start-ups are now developing new technologies such as smart and wearable tech that will soon enable families to monitor their elderly and respond quickly in case of emergency.

What did JumpSeat bring to Familities?

Challenge Accepted! Leveraging its vast network of public and private elderly-focused organisations in Hong Kong, SoInSoGood arranged meetings and interviews with the silver sector’s major stakeholders in order to make sure that Familities’ trip would be worth their while. Here is an overview of the main organisations they met.

Helping Hand - Ms Bella Luk, Executive Director: Helping Hand provides personalised residential care services for 700 elderly residents at Lai Yiu, Lok Fu and Cheung Muk Tau (near Ma On Shan).

Haven of Hope - Ms Eva Yuen, Operations Manager: Haven of Hope Sister Annie Skau Holistic Care Centre (SASHCC) is purposely designed to provide holistic care for the frail seniors, chronically ill and patients with late stage cancer with an integrated approach in medical service and spiritual ministry.

Healthcare Device Innovation Hub (HKSTP) - Ms Carrie Ling, Technical Leader Healthy Ageing Platform: A technology cluster to support innovation in the silver economy

HKCSS - Ms Iris Chan, Project Manager: The Hong Kong Council of Social Service is a federation of non-government social service agencies of Hong Kong. The Council has since become an essential partner of the Hong Kong Government in social welfare and development.

Senior Citizen Home Safety - Mr Timothy Ma, Founding Executive Director and Board Member: The Association offers 24-hour personal caring and emergency assistance services to the elderly and others in need through our core service, Personal Emergency Link, with the mission to enhance the living quality of the elderly.

Housing Society Elderly - Ms Sabrina Li, Centre Manager, Elderly Resources Centre: Through education, health screening, professional consultation and research by Occupational Therapist and Social Worker, the Elderly Resource Centre aims to promote the concept of “age-friendly home” so that “ageing in place” can be achieved.

P.S. : Because Hong Kong without its points of view and its food would not be Hong Kong

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