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SoInSoGood's Training Program

SoInSoGood also has a direct social impact!

SoInSoGood supports 6 social-tech start-ups every 6 months. But we talk about this all the time already!

Our more global mission is to nurture social entrepreneurship in Hong Kong.

And by doing that, we also wanted to have a direct social impact. That's how SocialUp-Youth - The Jockey Club Youth Training & Entrepreneurship Programme - was born!

Jockey Club Youth Training & Entrepreneurship Programme

One of our core beliefs is that social change starts from a shift of perspective and mindset from each individual in Society. Social issues are so common and plethoric that, sometimes, we just disregard them and ultimately accept them as fate. In Hong Kong, many young people expect a gloomy future, especially those who do not “fit” in the very selective educational system. Unfortunately, these "underprivileged" reckon that they cannot climb up the social ladder. We want to bring some change to this mindset.

So In So Good’s training programme is tailored to those young people. We want them to gain self-confidence and take back their fate in their own hands. As Jack Ma once said “Don’t complain, you can find opportunities”. We also believe that behind every social issue, there is an innovative solution that can be profitable.

The programme aims at providing Youth with insights on “social business” models so that they can foster change by creating or joining a social venture.

How do we achieve that?

SocialUp-Youth has 3 levels: training, volunteering and pre-incubation.


The training is a 2-month programme dedicated to young people from 14 to 29 years old, looking for new opportunities. Partnering with HKCYS, we reach these participants in Band Three schools or in the streets during overnight outreaching interventions in Tai Po market.

Our first programme gathered youth from low-income families who dropped out from school and one-third of them have special education needs.


The training programme encompasses a large range of workshops and activities. It is articulated around three main pillars:

👉 Raising social awareness. We make Youth aware of issues specific to Hong Kong, such as elderly, waste, or poor housing.

👉 Developing basic business knowledge: marketing, communication, business model canvas...

👉 Teaching them how to use new technologies: 3D printing, app-coding, drone-building...

On the picture below, our youth trying Eldpathy's Elderly Simulation Suit!

Our workshops are held by Eldpathy, Apps Academy, HKSTP, MakerLab, MakerBay, Barrier-Free School & Run 2 Tree Creations! And maybe you? We are open to new workshops to benefit our youth!

What benefits for the youth?

During the training period, the youth builds its self-confidence, learns that technology can be used for social good, gets to know business skills and meets a lot of mentors!

The participants work in groups to enhance their sense of belonging in the society. Within a 2-month time, they will generate multiple social business ideas and learn to elaborate a business plan through a game called “Social Entrepreneurs Go” and pitch their project in front of a jury of professionals.

Volunteering in a Social Enterprise

All participants received volunteering placement in partner social enterprises to experience how it is to be a social entrepreneur! Furthermore, a career-life planning is also arranged for those seeking for new academic or professional opportunities.

The objective is that our youth expresses itself, gains skills for a better career path and feels concerned about the community.

Thank you MakerBay, Eldpathy, Rooftop Republic, HKOWRC, Woodlab, Eco Greenenergy, SMART Integration, Capheart, Social Enterprise Limited

Are you a Social Enterprise looking for volunteers?

Final Pitch & Pre-Incubation

The first Pitch Session was held at Science Park on August 27th. Three winning teams got the chance to join So In So Good’s 6-month pre-incubation programme at Science Park. They will benefit from weekly individual assistance, mentorship, trainings and networking activities.

All team members receive a monthly financial aid subsidy and will be eligible to a product development fund of 30,000 HKD funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charity Trust.

If eligible, the winners will eventually join Science Park and So In So Good Incubation Programme for further development.

We are looking for fluent Cantonese speakers to give us a hand for our workshops with the youth, talks and classes for the pre-incubation stage and the next training session. You are a student willing to share your knowledge with the youth or a social entrepreneur who wants to help them grow their social business idea?

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