• Dear Entrepreneurs, congratulations.

    You are one step closer to success. Yet, SoInSoGood is a selective programme.

    Here, you will find our basic eligibility requirements and also a form to complete to make sure that our services are aligned with your expectations. So tell us more about you and your ambitious projects!


  • HKSTP requirements

    - Being a DIGITAL / TECH startup (50% of the team dedicated to the R&D)
    - Established for no more than 2 years
    - Being registered in Hong Kong

  • SoInSoGood requirements

    1) Click on the button below to give us a short description of your company


    2) Send us your pitch deck or other relevant information to:




  • Why Getting Involved?

    Support education and struggle against inequality through the development of disadvantaged young people

    Work and fun
    Through workshops where you will teach or learn how to code, build a drone, 3D print, etc. But also realize that young people's creativity has no limits.

    Everyone is welcomed
    Whatever your background is, you can share experiences and skills with other social innovations lovers.

    A networking opportunity
    Meet foundations, NGOs, consultants, green activists and social entrepreneurs !

  • Help us

    Become a Mentor

    Are you a social innovation lover ?

    Our helpers consist of social workers, young graduates and social innovations lovers. You want to be part of our team ? Contact us and explain your background and experiences in few words.

    Suggest a Workshop

    Are you managing a tech activity ?

    We are open to new workshops to benefit our youth !

    Click below to become our "Workshop Partner".

    Hire Volunteers

    Are you managing a social enterprise ?

    Our youth love to help social enterprises. Let them know !

  • Who are our ?


    This is eDNA, she is a professional trainer. And this is Marco, he is studying accounting. They both love to support the development of young people.

    Everyone is welcomed.


    Pirry is a recycling specialist. But what he shared was pitching or basic marketing skills.

    You can share too, whatever your background is.

    Work and fun ?


    Samuel invented and sold "breathable" shoes. Helping younger people reminds him the moments when he first started.

    A networking opportunity


    Our mentors, jury, helpers are all voluntary based. They are all social innovation lovers. Join us and meet foundations, NGOs, consultants, green activists and social entrepreneurs !

    A rewarding experience.

      Mentoring younger entrepreneurs is a fun experience because our young people's creativity has no limits.


    We build a strong community.

    Because social or environmental issues concern us all.

    Upcycling class

    #SocialTechFact : Did you know that waste could be turned into high-quality speakers ?



    We make business knowledge accessible.

    That's why we play "Social Entrepreneurs GO".

    Drone-making class

    #SocialTechFact : Did you know that drones are used to prevent forest fire ? Or to create jobs for American veterans ?

    We care about the little guys.

    We experienced how it felt like to be old by putting ourselves in their shoes.

    3D Printing class

    #SocialTechFact : Did you know that 3D printers were used to make prosthetics for amputees ?

    We just "teach" differently.

    No talks. Just fun.

    The youth love the visits, games and workshops we design for them !

    Color-dyeing class

    #SocialTechFact : Did you know that food waste could be used to make dye ?

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